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Compact 2-in-1 Treatment for Acne Blemishes

The road to clear skin doesn’t always end at acne when there’s redness and inflammation blocking your way! Get rid of acne and its unpleasant side effects with the Clear Rayz dual-light device. The Clear Rayz features blue light on one side for killing acne-causing bacteria that lives on the surface of your skin and deep in the pores. Flip the device and use the red light for healing inflammation and reducing redness caused by inflammatory acne. Double the power for complete control!

  • 1 wavelength of blue light for clearing and preventing acne
  • 1 wavelength of red light for reducing redness and inflammation
  • Drug and chemical free with zero side effects or downtime
  • Medical grade ABS plastic construction for lightweight portability
  • FDA-cleared and safe for all skin types


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  • - Two-Sided Clear Rayz Device
    - Storage Pouch
    - Power Supply
    - Goggles
    - Instruction Manual

  • Relax and let the light do the work!

    7.5 minutes of red light & 5 minutes of blue light - 1 day a week on different days


    Start by washing your face and wait until after treatment to apply any creams or lotions.


    Place the device directly on your skin and keep in place for the full treatment time. Move the device to treat your next area.


    After treatment, apply a moisturizer and use a damp cloth or alcohol wipe to clean your device as needed.

  • Actual user results following 2 week clinical study.


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