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What Exactly is Light Therapy?

Light therapy, commonly referred to as phototherapy or heliotherapy, uses the inherent power of light to improve the health of your skin without the use of the hazardous chemicals that are present in many over-the-counter and prescription skincare products. The best part is that with personal light therapy products from QuasarMD, anyone can experience the amazing benefits of light therapy from their own home.

Your Holiday Food Guide for Better Skin

The holidays mean two things – delicious food and social gatherings. You want to look your best for all of those special events, but did you know that you can design your menus to help make that happen?

If you're looking to design a pre-holiday diet or holiday menu that will help you look your best, start with ingredients that make your skin look great. Fresh and natural foods are full of nutrients that help to keep skin clear, smooth, and radiant. 

7 Surprising Skincare Myths and Facts

If you Google “skincare advice,” you'll find tips on everything from avoiding wrinkles to getting rid of acne. Most of it looks pretty convincing and it can be hard to find the real truth.

If you want to tell fact from fiction, go to the science. Here are 7 common skincare myths and facts and the data that either supports or debunks them.